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As another school year starts to take shape, we want to share some of our best 'back to school' resources and links to help you get started for Term 1. Look through the links below and share them with your school or families.

Online Planning Tool

All young people are unique. To support them effectively, it is important to get to know them.

For autistic individuals, some key areas are significant to understand about an individual’s strengths and support needs.

Our Planning Tool and Online Planning Tool is a tool to help summarise relevant information about an individual across six key areas. This includes helpful and unhelpful impacts, as well as strategies and adjustments that can support at home and school. 

You can visit our Planning Tool page or our Online Planning Tool platform by clicking the buttons below.

You might also like to check out our webinar from last year on using the Planning Tool to support the transition back to school .

Practical Tools and Resources

We have many resources across our website that can give you a starting point for information gathering and planning for school this year. Positive Partnerships is supported by two reference groups; an Autistic Advisory Group representing the lived experience across Australia and a First Nations Reference Group, represented by individuals from communities across Australia. We regularly consult with both groups to seek feedback on our content and resources. 

Here are some of our most popular resources:

Resources for First Nations people

We worked together with the First Peoples Disability Network to set up a National Aboriginal Reference Group to help improve diagnosis rates and support for First Nations families with autistic children. After whole-of-community consultations, we developed a range of tools and resources designed for First Nations families.

Tap the button below to access our popular My Child's Storyboard and Story Circle resources, as well as further downloadable documents, storytelling film clips, resources and links to our 'Yarning with our Mob' podcast.

In Other Languages

We have resources available in 22 languages. These resources have been developed with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to support their school-aged children on the autism spectrum.

These translated resources can assist conversations between family members and professionals working with and supporting autistic children. Visit the link below and also watch our 'What is autism?' video which has been translated into many different languages and is also available through the link below.

Online Learning Hub

We have many self-paced modules that you can complete on a range of autism education topics. Our flagship module, 'Introduction to Autism' has been accessed by over 40,000 educators, families, individuals and others across our community. We also have modules that engage the following topics:

  • Communication
  • Visual Supports
  • Teachers and Assistants
  • Sensory Processing
  • Transitions and Change
  • Positive Behaviour Support

As well, all of our recent webinar recordings from the past year can be accessed from this space as well. Certificates are provided for completion of all modules and webinars viewed. Access our Online Learning Hub from the button below:

Workshops for Parents and Carers, Professional Learning Programs and our Webinar Series

We run free workshops for parents and carers, as well as professional learning workshops for educators, across the country. In addition, we run regular webinars during the day and the evening. Find out more about our workshops by visiting the links below, and stay tuned to the front page of our website to see where our workshops are being run and what webinar topics we have coming up for you to register for.

We have webinars specifically on supporting 'Transitions and Change' as we return to school - for a Primary School audience, Secondary School audience and a specific Educator Focused webinar. These run during the day and the evening - tap the button below for dates and times.

Keep a watch on our social media and the front page of our website for more resources and news updates across the year. Best wishes for the return to school for 2024.