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Workshops overview

Our autism workshops for parents are designed to help improve communication and outcomes with your child and their school. You’ll be guided by trained facilitators using evidence-informed techniques and materials that can be applied to your child’s unique needs.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • current, evidence-informed information about the autism spectrum and how autism impacts on learning
  • processes and strategies parents can use to build effective partnerships with their child’s teachers and school
  • processes and strategies to effectively advocate and negotiate with the education system for specific learning support
  • information about the processes local schools use to support students at all stages of education

Watch the following short video clip of a workshop in action to get a better understanding of what happens and the different activities that take place throughout the sessions.

Workshop Objectives

Autism – Characteristics, Impacts and Strategies

  • examines parent’s knowledge of autism and how autism directly impacts their child at home and school
  • investigates a range of practical strategies to use at home and school to improve learning outcomes

Understanding Behaviour

  • examines the function/purpose of behaviours
  • recognising that understanding behaviour is the key to supporting children on the autism spectrum
  • explores tools and strategies for Positive Behaviour Support

Working Together

  • examines ways for parents to strengthen partnerships between home, school and community
  • increases awareness of support and services for families and how they can be accessed
  • explores ways parents can advocate more effectively for their child’s needs
  • helps parents develop a plan for moving forward

Understanding Sensory Processing

  • explores sensory processing and the different ways children on the autism spectrum can be impacted by sensory needs
  • identifies strategies that can be used to help manage and support children experiencing sensory processing issues

‘The Positive Partnerships workshop was a great way for me to learn more about my child’s condition and how to help him through his school life and further education. The workshop was varied, informative and organised and I loved it! I also networked with many other parents who I plan to stay in touch with as part of my support network.’

Parent, NSW, May 2017