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Every young person is different. We need to get to know them to support them effectively.

Understanding some key areas related to autistic people's independence, strengths and support needs is important.

Story Circle

Our young people on the autism spectrum are all different. This circle helps us to think about six areas that are important in understanding the strengths and support needs of our young people.

These strengths and support needs can look different at home, in the community and at school.

My Child's Storyboard

The Storyboard is used to gather a child’s individual story. The Storyboard ensures that everyone is able to work together to support the child and it links to the My Child’s Story Circle.

We developed this Storyboard to help gather all the relevant information about your child and share it with those that need it. This Storyboard can capture the characteristics of your young person, the impacts of these characteristics, as well as strategies and supports. The Storyboard may guide priority areas at school and home.

It is important that the Storyboard also captures strengths of the individual. The Storyboard can be completed by a team of people including family members and the individual themselves.