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Positive Partnershipsは、オーストラリア教育省 がHelping Children with Autism(オーティズム児童支援)プログラムを通して提供している国家プロジェクトです。

Positive Partnershipsでは、家族教育関係者コミュニティが協力し合うことで、オーティズムの若者が前向きな成果を出せるよう支援しています。私たちは、オーティズムの子どもたちが社会の一員として成長することのできる包括的な文化の形成を可能にする結びつきや機会を創出しています。



Positive Partnerships is a national project funded by the Australian Government Department of Education through the Helping Children with Autism program.

At Positive Partnerships, we work in partnership with families, educators and communities to strengthen positive outcomes for young people on the autism spectrum. We create connections and opportunities for an inclusive culture where autistic students belong and thrive.

These resources have been developed with culturally and linguistically diverse communities to support their school-aged children on the autism spectrum.

These translated resources can assist conversations between family members and professionals working with and supporting autistic children.

アニメーション – オーティズムとは



Animation - What is autism?

This animation explores the social and communication styles of autistic children as well as their sensory processing needs.

We get to know the character's strengths and interests and their connections to culture and community and what helps them to learn and be independent.

It was developed in collaboration with our Autistic Advisory Group and members of many multicultural and multilingual communities.

All children on the spectrum may have some similarities. This animation explores the diversity of autism in each individual young person.