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We are here to help you navigate conversations about sexuality with the young people you care for.

During our recent webinar on this topic we:

  • Discussed the importance of educating young people on the spectrum about sexuality
  • Explored how the characteristics of autism impact on an individual's understanding and experiences of sexuality
  • Shared some practical resources and information that may assist you at home/and or school in supporting your young person on the autism spectrum

The following websites and resources were shared during our recent 'Talking about Sexuality' webinars.


  • Raising Children Network - section on Sexuality and Relationships: Teenagers with autism spectrum disorder.
  • SECCA - WA based not-for-profit organisation who support people with disability to learn about relationships, sexuality and sexual health. Their website is interactive and includes an app which has lesson plans for young people aged 0-18.
  • Organisation for Autism Research - sex education resource for people on the spectrum aged 15 and up.
  • Aspect Launchpad - section on sexual health.
  • Amaze - resource about autism and gender diversity.
  • TRUE - QLD based organisation specialising in reproduction and sexual health. Have information and resources about sexual health, including a free app called ‘Feel Safe’ which is about consent and feeling safe.
  • National Autistic Society (UK) - section on sex education and puberty.
  • Family planning websites- Their role is to assist with teaching about sexuality and they have many useful resources to assist with teaching about public and private places, behaviors, conversations, puberty and body parts.


  • Example social stories:
    • Who Sees Our Private Parts (female) - DOWNLOAD
    • Who Sees Our Private Parts (male) - DOWNLOAD
  • Circles program and app which can be used to teach concepts like personal space and levels of intimacy - LINK
  • Book: Goodall, E (2016) The Autism Spectrum Guide to Sexuality and Relationships- Understand Yourself and Make Choices that are Right for You. Jessica Kingsley, London, UK
  • Parenting SA: Talking Sex with Young People - DOWNLOAD
  • TRUE Relationships and Reproductive Health: Positive and Protective Sexuality and Autism Spectrum Disorder - DOWNLOAD
  • Department of Education Tasmania: Respectful Relationships Teaching and Learning Package - DOWNLOAD