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Transitions can be challenging for teenagers when negotiating secondary school environments and planning for post school options.

During our webinar, we:

  • Explored secondary school environments and the impact they have on transitions
  • Shared how individual strengths and interests can support transition planning
  • Discussed strategies to support successful transitions and planning for change
  • Reflected on the value of a collaborative approach to planning that includes the voice of your young person

The following are links to a range of supports and services that were mentioned in our webinar on supporting transitions in the secondary years and beyond.

Transition Planning supports

Positive Partnerships 'Transition Planning' template

Positive Partnerships 'Transition Checklist'

Positive Partnerships information sheet and additional information on transitions

How I Learn

Transition and Organisational supports

Choiceworks app

Google Sheets

Pomodoro Timer

Websites to support planning for post-school options

Australian Disability Clearinghouse on Education and Training

myWAY Employability

Employment and Mentoring Support


DXC Dandelion Program

Disability Employment Services

Ability Options

I CAN Network

Advocacy and Wellbeing

Autism CRC Teen Wellbeing

The Autistic Self-Advocacy Network