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In our Health & Hygiene in the Home webinar held in September 2023 we:

  • Explored ideas relating to health and hygiene in the home
  • Explored structure and routine as a way to support individuals to stay healthy at home
  • Explored how the characteristics of autism may impact on an individual’s understanding and experiences with their own health and hygiene
  • Explored ideas to establish and support positive sleep, physical activity and hygiene habits
  • Shared some practical resources in supporting young people on the spectrum with their health and hygiene

We have curated a list of resources below that were discussed during the webinar.

Hygiene Habits

Raising Children Network

Wash your hands visuals

Autism Association of WA COVID-19 Resources (Visuals, Social stories, ALS boards)

Ambitious about Autism Toolkit

Carol Gray Social Stories

Physical Activity Resources

Raising Children Network


The Inspired Treehouse

Raising Dragons

KIDDO- Improve your move


Building Active Bodies and Brains- Playgroup WA

Community Sporting Options

All Play

All Play Dance

All Abilities Auskick


Riding for the Disabled

Sense Rugby


Ocean Heroes

Autism in Cricket

WA Disabled Sports Association

Sleep Downloadable Sleep diary resource

Royal Children’s Hospital Fact Sheets

Autism CRC

Sleep Health foundation

Oxford Health-NHS

Sleep Problems Explained-Spectrum News
This article provides a good overview of research in the area of sleep and autism


  • Calm
  • Rain Rain
  • Smiling Mind
  • Noisili
  • Choiceworks
  • Spotify- Lullaby and White noise play-lists
  • Nike Training