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With some students across the country returning to school towards the end of October, we thought it would be timely to share resources and supports that can help families, schools and students during this period.

We have curated a list of resources that are organised based on the recommendations made by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in their research package titled 'Supporting Individuals with Autism Through Uncertain Times'.

You can access this list of resources on our website, and on our Pinterest board, by following these links:


We are hosting a series of webinars in the coming weeks where we will talk more about how to support the return to school. You can learn more and register for these on our homepage, or by following the below links:

This video was created and shared during our 2020 webinars on returning to school. It provides a summary of some of the key points shared during the webinar and may be useful for you to view and share with families and schools.

We will create and share more resources related to this period of returning to school in the coming weeks.