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Earlier this year, we sat down with different families from across Australia to gain an insight into their experience with COVID-19 and how the lock downs have affected their young person on the autism spectrum.

As students across Australia make the shift from learning at school to learning from home, we understand how challenging the disruption can be for all children and the need to consider the best ways to support them during this period of uncertainty.

Over the next few weeks, Positive Partnerships will be sharing a series of videos we have created with families who will be sharing their insights and reflections on how they have been able to navigate COVID-19 during these uncertain times.

Shilpa, Ram & Dhruv

Hear from Shilpa as she discusses how Dhruv experienced learning from home and how the family celebrated his birthday during a lock down period.


In this video, Veena shares her daughter Annika’s experience making the shift to learning from home.

Hear from Veena as she highlights the difficulties her daughter faced trying to complete her schoolwork away from the classroom setting and how Annika felt transitioning back to school.

Miranda and Reuben

Miranda’s son Reuben has been able to help keep both himself and his community safe from COVID-19 by taking some simple precautions, such as physical distancing, wearing a mask and cleaning his hands.

In this video, Miranda gives an insight into Reuben’s experience with home learning and how he’s created a new daily routine.


Zeina’s son Mouhamad is an essential worker at Coles Supermarket and realises the importance of his job during the pandemic.

In this video, Zeina shares how Mouhamad has been vigilant in wearing a mask and keeping up his general hygiene, both at work and at home, to keep himself and his community safe.