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The two-day professional learning program is a workshop designed to benefit teachers working directly with students on the autism spectrum.

We know that the best educational outcomes for autistic students are enhanced when:

  • a strong, positive relationship exists between home and school
  • teachers feel confident in their knowledge and understanding of autism
  • classroom and school environments reflect the unique needs of autistic students.

Workshop requirements for teachers:

  • Completion of the Positive Partnerships online module - An Introduction to Autism
  • Completion of individual survey (pre-workshop and post-workshop)
  • Attendance at the 2-day workshop
  • Completion of 2 or more post workshop tasks (online)
  • Completion of an action plan (post-workshop)
  • Invitation to attend a post workshop forum (2 to 3 months following) with other participants to share and reflect on changes to practice, highlights and challenges since the workshop.

Broad overview of topics covered:

The following topics are explored across the 2 days.

Day 1

  • Student Perspectives
  • Disability Standards for Education
  • Universal Design for Learning
  • School Diversity- strengths and interests, connections to
    community and culture
  • Social and Communication skills

Day 2

  • Sensory Processing
  • Self-care and Independence
  • Executive Functioning
  • Behaviour, Mental Health and Well-being
  • Action Planning

Frequently asked Questions

What does it cost to attend the workshops?

  • There is no cost to attend Positive Partnerships workshops.

Can a school have more than 1 teacher attend?

  • Yes, we encourage schools to send up to 3 staff that teach students on the spectrum to attend the workshop. This group of teachers are well placed to share more broadly, the impact of the workshop with school leadership and other staff on their return to school. Collectively they can explore ways to initiate positive changes within the classroom and school environments.

What resources do we receive?

  • Positive Partnerships provides a nominal amount of resource funding to support schools to attend the workshop. (contact us for more details on resource funding)
  • Attendees will also get access to templates and tools that help them to better understand how to support a student and to work in partnership with families.

Find out more

If you think this program may be suitable for your school and you want to speak to one of our team, please click on the coordinator for your state or territory and complete the enquiry form. You can also download a brochure of the program specific to your state or territory.