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The Schools and Families Together program is unique to Positive Partnerships.

We know that when a trusted and positive relationship exists between home and school, then this significantly improves the learning environment that can be created for autistic students and provides opportunities for good learning outcomes.

Watch this brief video clip to learn more.

Workshop requirements for teachers:

  • Completion of the Positive Partnerships online module - 'An introduction to autism'
  • Attendance at a 1-day workshop with other teachers (ideally a member of the leadership team attends this day as well)
  • Invite parents/carers of the student you teach to attend a 1-day workshop 4-6 weeks later with you
  • Complete a planning tool template (student profile) with parents/carers

Broad overview of topics covered:

Day 1 (teachers only)

Beliefs and Perspectives

  • Language and Autism
  • Individual perspectives
  • Family perspectives and experiences
  • Reactions to diagnosis
  • Valuing individuals

Narratives of autism

  • Historical narrative of Autism
  • Myths and facts
  • Medical and social models of disability
  • Student voice and self-advocacy
  • Intersectionality

Working Together

  • Collaboration with families
  • Enablers and challenges
  • Planning for Day 2

Day 2 (teachers and families together)

Strengths of the team

  • Strengths of the partnership
  • Strengths of the students

The Diversity of Autism

  • Explore the diversity of the autism spectrum; strengths and interests, social and communication skills, sensory processing, executive functioning
  • Discuss and share strategies
  • Explore the planning tool resource (student profile tool)

Working together

  • Complete a Planning Tool template together

Frequently asked Questions

What does it cost to attend the workshops?

  • There is no cost to attend Positive Partnerships workshops.

Can a school have more than 1 teacher attend?

  • Yes, we encourage schools to send up to 4 staff (including a leadership representative) to attend Day 1 of the workshop. We encourage a member of leadership and support staff to attend, along with teachers. This provides them with an opportunity to see our workshops in action and strengthen their understanding of positive home/school relationships
  • Day two is focused on teachers and parents/carers working together. Ideally, 2 teachers from Day 1 would attend, along with the parents/carers of the child they teach

What resources do we receive?

  • A small funding allocation is available to support schools’ participation in the program. (contact us for more details)
  • Attendees will also get access to templates and tools that help them to better understand how to support a student and to work in partnership with families

Find out more

If you think this program may be suitable for your school and you want to speak to one of our team, please click on the coordinator for your state or territory and complete the enquiry form. You can also download a brochure of the program specific to your state or territory.