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These resources have been developed with and for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, in support of their school aged children on the autism spectrum.

There are a range of resources that have been translated to assist with conversations and planning to support a child with diverse learning needs, their family, community members, school staff and other professionals.

Find downloadable resources below:

Animation - A Family Journey (Chinese - Simplified translation)

我们与来自多元文化和语言社区的人士合作制作了这部动画故事 故事以一位父亲的视角,回忆叙述最初对患有自闭症的儿子的担忧,以及全家为此走过的历程 故事同时重点突出了在这一过程中,哪些人和什么方式对他们有所帮助.

This animation was made in collaboration with members of culturally and linguistically diverse communities. The story shares a father's perspective as he thinks back on his early concerns for his son and where the autism journey has taken his family. The story also highlights who and what helped them along the way.

2019 World Autism Awareness Month

Will, a father who participated in Positive Partnerships Chinese workshops, was interviewed by SBS radio in recognition of World Autism Awareness Month. Will shared his experience of being a father of a daughter on the autism spectrum. He speaks about attending the Positive Partnerships workshop and feeling encouraged to look at positives and what is possible for his daughter’s future. Will also shared that he found learning more about autism not only helped him to support his child more, but also to support his whole family better.