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The Individual Child's Storyboard

A planning template used to gather children’s individual stories. This template ensures that everyone is able to work together to support the child consistently and proactively by looking at characteristics, difficulties, goals and strategies.

The template along with examples of completed storyboards are available for download below:

  • Individual Child’s Storyboard template
  • Jet’s Storyboard
  • Shinae’s Storyboard
  • Patrick’s Storyboard

My Child's Storybook

This resource allows you to tell your child’s or your student’s story, in a visual storybook. Any child who learns and behaves differently can capture their story here, by starting with the child’s strengths then taking you on a storytelling path of understanding the way they might communicate, play, behave, learn and cope with their environment and the ways in which this might make learning and behaving difficult for them. The tool also supports parents to set goals specific to their individual child’s needs and then suggest strategies and ways they can support their child.