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Travelling to remote, regional and metro locations across Australia, Positive Partnerships created a series of short videos for the NCCD portal. Featuring families and schools from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and multicultural communities the videos provide more information about the NCCD and families involvement. This project featured schools and families from WA, NSW & VIC.

The Nationally Consistent Collection of Data takes place yearly across Australia with all schools collecting data on the individual adjustments made for students within their schools. To support families to learn more about the NCCD, each video created has a different focus and covers topics such as adjustments in the classroom, collaboration with families and the importance of working with the school. The NCCD portal is an online space for educators and families to learn more about the NCCD.

With the addition of these new resources, the portal will have more stories to share from Australia’s First Nations peoples and the multicultural community. Thank you to all the schools and families involved.

Video reproduced from the NCCD Portal © 2020 Education Services Australia Limited. Creative Commons BY 4.0