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Positive Partnerships is proud to have collaborated with Macquarie University on a new research report titled 'We Look After Our Own Mob: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Experiences of Autism'. On Tuesday 18th February this report was launched at the State Library of New South Wales by the Honourable Linda Burney MP, NSW Shadow Minister for Families and Social Services, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Australians.

The report shares dialogue and insights from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families on how they feel about the state of autism-related services in their communities, as well as what changes are needed to enable autistic children to feel secure, safe and supported at school. Focus too is placed on how we can all best honour the rights of autistic children to maintain authentic connection to their culture and community.

You can download a full copy of the report below. Photos from the launch event will be uploaded soon.

For more information about the important work being done by Macquarie University in collaboration with autistic individuals, follow their website here:

Autism MQ (Macquarie University)

Cover artwork titled: 'An Optimistic Journey', 2019 is by Maria Watson-Trudgett, a Koori woman of the Wiradjuri People.

Photo of Professor Liz Pellicano, Macquarie University, and Maria Watson-Trudgett, Positive Partnerships. Photo credit: Emma Dresens