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加入我们,在互动的一小时里,与其他照顾自闭症孩子 的家庭,一起聆听,分享,和学习。

对青少年来说,适应中学环境和 计划毕业后的安排可以很具挑战 性。在这个网络研讨会,我们 会:

  • 探讨中学的环境和它对过渡期的 影响
  • 分享如何以个人的能力和兴趣来 帮助计划过渡期
  • 讨论成功过渡计划和转变安排的 策略
  • 反思以合作来进行规划的价值, 其中包括你孩子的声音


11⽉25⽇,星期三 晚上8 - 9点正 *以廣東話和英語進⾏

11⽉26⽇,星期四 晚上8 - 9点正 *以普通话和英语进⾏



Supporting Transitions and changes in the secondary years and beyond

Join other Chinese families for an hour to learn:


  • Explore the high school environment and its impact on transition
  • Learn how to use strengths and interests to support transition planning
  • Discuss how to create successful transition plans
  • Reflect on the value of collaboration and of including your child's voice in the planning

During this webinar, you can just listen and learn or ask questions and interact with others via text. Your face will not appear on the screen. Join us from home or work, anywhere you like!

You're welcome to join with a partner, family member or friend and learn together.

There are two different session times to choose from.

Wednesday 25 November, 2020 – 8:00pm (Cantonese interpretation)

Thursday 26 November, 2020 – 8:00pm (Mandarin interpretation)

All of our webinars are free and participants that attend receive a certificate following the completion of the webinar.