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In this unique webinar, our resident tech expert Craig Smith will be hosting a live demonstration of makerspace projects that have proven successful with young people across primary and high school. What are makerspace projects? They are technology based activities that can include robotics, coding, tinkering with lego and electronics.

You may also know them as STEAM projects - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Craig has delivered this workshop for parents and teachers around the world and for the first time will be presenting it live in this webinar.

If you have a young person at home or in your classroom that has a passion in this area, you will find this webinar a valuable resource.

Craig will demonstrate five innovative makerspace projects that are suitable for home and for school, including:

  • Using 'Makey Makey' to turn bananas into pianos and apples into drums
  • Using video game controllers and arcade buttons to control your computer

  • Using 'Arduino' to make light and sound sensors
  • Using playdough to create your own electrical circuits
  • Using 'Little Bits' to explore robotics and other projects

You don't need any of the above resources to participate - just sit back and watch an hour of makerspace learning, and interact with Craig during the webinar using the chat box.

A recording of the webinar will be available afterwards, as well as a full resource page with downloadable activities and instructions.

All of our webinars are free and all participants that attend receive a certificate following the completion of the webinar.

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