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Behaviour Template

Positive Behaviour Support Scenario. This film clip shows a best practice re-enactment of the morning routine. In this film clip you will see just one student in the scene, however in reality this classroom runs with 20 young students who come from diverse learning backgrounds.

Focus on the positive and proactive approach that engages in the student’s wellbeing and abilities.

Student Reflection Template

This template can support families and school staff to reflect upon the ways in which young people cope with the environment.

This information can then be communicated between home and school via the Storybook or Storyboard.

Commitment Cards

These cards can be used in a variety of ways to reflect upon and communicate in a tangible way, a shared commitment to working together between home and school.

Partnership Plan

This partnership plan, is a useful tool to complete individually and/or together to share a plan of working together between home and school.

Taking Care of Yourself

This document is a collection of ideas for looking after yourself shared by families and school staff in the communities where we have run workshops.

Get Together Support Booklet

This booklet includes many resources that can be used to highlight children’s strengths, interests and abilities.

The Get together workshop and content was originally created and developed in collaboration with the Aboriginal community in Moree, NSW in 2013 after months of community planning.