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In October this year (2016) we had the pleasure of leading a Get Together workshop in the very remote town of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory. The Get Together workshop is one of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs for parents, carers, elders, extended family and community members.

It all began with a wonderful pre-workshop visit to show our resources to staff and services providers and to connect face to face with the contacts we’d made. On the day of the workshop we had an overwhelming turn out with 35 participants. The service providers and staff in attendance were so thrilled with the number of families that came, acknowledging it was one of the biggest turn outs for a family directed workshop experience they’d seen in Tennant Creek. The participants showed such a willingness to learn from and with us, and to support the children of Tennant Creek by sharing their stories, their concerns around behaviour and discussing new ideas together. Jaki’s Story had a powerful effect on the participants with one testimonial stating; “Very useful workshop that shares a real life story which presents ‘real issues’ and provides information that will be useful in various other contexts of life.”