Twin girls with autism

School age twin girls hug

Maitland mother of twin girls living with autism finds support through Positive Partnerships

For any parent, having a child on the autism spectrum certainly comes with its challenges, but for Michelle Redcliffe this experience is doubled with the unusual case of twin daughters who are both living with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

“When I was told that the girls had ASD I was saddened, but relieved. Initially they were diagnosed with Global Developmental Disability and this was devastating. When they were later diagnosed with ASD I knew that they would receive more support and more doors would open for them.”

“My girls are schooled in an Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) satellite class within a mainstream Catholic school. I wanted the best learning environment for them, and was pleased they would experience the best of both worlds – a specialised education with mainstream school opportunities. I also wanted the girls to eventually transition completely into the mainstream system at the same school that their older brother attends so this seemed like the best option.”

“The girls love their education. They enjoy playing with the other children in the playground and love that their brother is at the school. He happily plays and bonds with his sisters and accepts them for who they are. ”

“The girls have sensory and anxiety issues that change from day to day. Thankfully they are both physically strong and active though so this enables them to involve themselves with the mainstream children during lunch and play time.”

“I first came across Positive Partnerships when I enrolled in an Aspect Building Blocks program in 2009. I have since become a Key Local Facilitator (KLF) for the Maitland Positive Partnerships workshops.”

“I have taken a lot away from attending and facilitating Positive Partnerships workshops. The local services guide and manual has been particularly helpful. I refer to them quite often and am grateful for the evidence based research it involves. Positive Partnerships is something I would recommend to others.”

“I am quite active within the autism community as a KLF and a My Time facilitator. For those who are looking for services to assist them in caring and managing their children with autism, I recommend making use of Positive Partnerships online, the Aspect website and other support services such as “edUcare” Carer Education Support Services and CarersNSW.”