Diagnosis a welcome relief

Adelaide family accessing autism support service

For Renee Franks, her son Ben’s diagnosis with autism at age six was a welcome relief, as after three years of searching the family finally had the answer they required to provide Ben with the support he needed.

“We searched for three years for a diagnosis and all we were told was that he was ‘gifted.’ It didn’t seem right. When Ben was finally diagnosed with autism I felt like I finally had the answer I needed to get us the help we needed.”

“At the moment we home school Ben, as while he was attending a mainstream school he was suspended due to poor behaviour and we thought that he would progress more quickly in the home environment. Home schooling has been working well for us. Ben is very “engineering”-minded –he is analytical, logical and wants to know everything! We have found that he completes work with me in one day than he used to in one week. However, we hope to be able to move him into a mainstream school next year.”

Renee’s family has recently moved into a new area and joined a local parent support group for children with non-visual difficulties. “We are forming a relationship with this group first and hope to move and assimilate Ben into a school environment,” she said.

“We first heard about Positive Partnerships through an email we received from Autism SA and have learnt a lot from attending the workshop. The bell curve of behaviour and the Planning Matrix were major light bulb moments. Attending the workshop also taught us a lot about positive behaviour. The facilitators provided me with the groundwork on how to put positive behaviour into action – particularly when helping Ben perform tasks or complete school work without issue or a meltdown.”

“I would definitely recommend Positive Partnerships to anyone who is also looking for support to manage their child on the autism spectrum’s development.”