Western Sydney University – Improving Lives

In May, the Positive Partnerships team delivered a workshop for 15 Bachelor of Education students from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in Inclusive Education. The aim was to increase the understanding of autism diagnosis and characteristics, as well as to increase the awareness and empathy for parents and family members with children on the autism spectrum, and how to support them via school. 

The workshop was invaluable for the students and many positive testimonials were received. We wish the students all the best in their future endeavours.

“I believe this workshop is of a high standard, it really opened my eyes to what autism actually is. I had my own understanding but now see how many other aspects there are that contribute to what makes a child with autism different. I think the Storyboard is an amazing tool for parents, teachers and people of the community for them to come up with coping strategies for their children.”
Nathan Dodd