We invite you to Participate in a Visual Support Survey

Who uses visual supports?

Visual supports are recognised as an evidence based practice but there is not much information about what types of visual supports parents and teachers find useful with students on the autism spectrum. We’d like to invite parents and teachers (of children/students with autism) who use visual supports (e.g. First-Then Board, visual schedules, Picture cards, Apps, Daily living skills cards, Work Systems, Making choices, Making requests, Affirmations cards, Social stories, Behaviour scripts, Calm cards, Class time tables, Activity transition, Emotions meter, reward chart and ‘Finished’ card). If you do not use any of the visual supports listed in examples and you use some other visual supports please complete the survey. 

We also invite parents and teachers of (children/students with autism) who don’t use visual supports to also complete the survey about visuals. The information will help to provide accurate and up-to-date information to teachers, families and the community.  Please click on the survey link for more information and to participate in this survey: