Rebecca Sutherland - Content Officer

Tell us about your previous roles

I’m a speech pathologist by training but I’ve had a range of roles in both government and non-government disability organisations. I’ve worked for Aspect for many years now in roles including senior speech pathologist, project manager for the Building Links parent training program and the Building Foundations DVD project, early intervention specialist and early intervention manager. I also work in a NSW Health diagnosis and assessment team when I’m not with Positive Partnerships and am completing a PhD with Griffith University.

Why Positive Partnerships?

Positive Partnerships brings together fantastic people from all over Australia who are all passionate about helping to equip families and school staff on their autism journey – who wouldn’t want to part of that?

What do you hope to achieve in this role?

My current role is a ‘behind the scenes’ role, helping to develop and refine the information shared at workshops and on the website. It is my hope that this information makes a difference to the parents, family members and school staff who access it and that this ultimately helps the young person on the spectrum they care about.

What inspires you to make a difference?

It’s really just the families and young people I’ve known throughout my career as well as the many teachers I’ve worked with who are passionate about their role. I’ve learned so much from them (not just about the spectrum!) and have had the privilege of sharing the ups and downs as the young person on the spectrum grows and changes.