Rachael Dillon - Team Leader, Online Professional Learning

Why Positive Partnerships?

The more knowledge and awareness I gain in the field of disability support and education, the more I’m driven to share it. I love supporting and empowering others to do the very best for themselves and their children, and to be continually learning from and with others. Positive Partnerships enables me to do this alongside a team of highly skilled, passionate and supportive people.

What personal values and attributes do you bring to the role?

I’m enthusiastic, energetic, highly organised, supportive and caring by nature, all of which I think are essential to being a good team leader. Enjoying what I do and having fun at work is important to me; I’d like to think a bit of laughter and mischief comes along to any workshop with me. If my team and I are having fun, so are the participants!

What inspires you to make a difference?

People and community support. I believe our purpose on this earth is to serve; to support each other in any way that we can.  I think the happiest people in this world are those that strive to make others around them happy. Nothing inspires me more than a participant who says to the team ‘thank you, I don’t feel so alone on this journey anymore!’

What is your new role and what does it involve?

My new role involves supporting team leaders and school staff with the online learning components of Positive Partnerships by ensuring all workshop learnings are embedded through continued practice. Learning and the sharing of ideas through webinars, online modules and discussion boards is very much the future of education and this is an exciting time for us to be thinking ahead in this space.