Parents & carers with children on the autism spectrum

Nobody knows the complexities of parenting or caring for a child on the autism spectrum like you do.


Every child is different; which is why partnerships with schools are important to foster, for this can provide the best support to a child’s education.

Bringing together your experience and intimate understanding with our own evidence-based knowledge, we can create the most positive pathway through the complexities of education for children on the autism spectrum. 

Learning how to learn, how to embrace new experiences and how to engage in classroom activities can be a significant challenge for children on the spectrum – helping them can be a great challenge. 

Positive Partnerships provides professional learning for parents and carers like you. Our solution based tools and Parent Carer workshops will help you build your confidence and knowledge in supporting your child as they grow and develop. 

All of our online and in-person programs are backed and funded by the Australian Government, and have been since 2008. This reflects the value the government places on this program.

When we work together, we can help create a path for children that provides them with the best possible learning opportunities. If you feel you’d like to know more, share experiences and learn from others living your experience, we’re here with authentic and practical support.

Positive Partnerships is the foundation of a positive support network between parents, teachers, carers and the children in your care.