New Information Sessions

During term 3 2017, Positive Partnerships conducted 2 pilot program information session trials across 2 states in Australia.  The information sessions were conducted in Nowra (NSW) and Caboolture (QLD), with each session having up to 15 attendees.  

The sessions were aimed at bringing small groups of parents and carers together to discuss topics such as completing work and friendships.  During each session participants had an opportunity to learn more about their child, discuss strategies with other parents and carers and come together in a safe space to share ideas and stories.  Each participant had the opportunity to work through a booklet of information, breaking regularly during the hour and a half to discuss and share information.  

We were pleased to find out that our participants found these sessions very beneficial and many opted to attend both the completing work and friendships sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about both of these topics please visit our website and complete our online learning modules.  Stayed tuned to Facebook to find out further details for future sessions or webinars on both these topics.