Lee Casuscelli - National Manager

Head shot of Lee Casuscelli, national projects

What is your new role and what does it involve?

As the current project manager, my role is largely the operational management of Positive Partnerships. In terms of administration, I keep a sharp eye on our contractual obligations so that we are meeting our targets and delivering on our key performance indicators. I work closely with state and territory planning groups across Australia to ensure that we have strong and effective partnerships and relationships in place. These relationships inform and guide our decisions and actions across Australia so much of my work involves collaborative planning with key stakeholders. The most enjoyable part of my role however, is supporting and guiding the Positive Partnerships team members. I feel very privileged to work with a dynamic team of skilled, passionate and knowledgeable leaders in their own right. We work together to plan the delivery of quality workshops across Australia and in doing this, we continue to learn from and with each other in so many ways.

What are you looking forward to right now?

We are right at the start of a new project phase which is a wonderful opportunity for our team to identify all that we hope to achieve and create plans to make it happen.  Right now I am very focused on the formation of strong and effective relationships and partnerships both within and around Positive Partnerships. We work solely to meet the needs of communities across Australia so we cannot do this alone. I am meeting with representatives across all states and collating information that will guide and inform our way forward.  I am looking forward to the journey ahead but for this year, I am excited about our new programs that we will be offering to parents/carers and teachers across Australia. I am excited about our new online options and most importantly, the ground breaking way in which we are bringing parents and teachers together to share key conversations. Lots to look forward to and lots to learn.

What’s something not many people know about you?

Probably my dancing background! I started dance lessons when I was four progressing to teaching and performing professionally around 16. In the last few years however, I have been supporting my daughter’s dance journey and focusing on the creation of a dance class for individuals with disabilities. I am very proud of the fact that we have now officially formed a not for profit charity called ‘Everyone Can Dance’. We provide a service for individuals with disabilities where they can learn to dance and perform in a safe, supported environment.  We currently have 100 amazing individuals with a diverse range of disabilities enrolled in our weekly classes and we are strongly supported and funded by our local community. We have a team of passionate volunteers onboard and a great group of parents supporting our work. We recently raised $59,000 so that we could fly our students and parents to QLD to perform at Dreamworld. A dream come true for many of our members and a huge achievement for the charity. This work continually reminds me of all that is important in life and inspires me to continue to make a difference.