How your child socialises

Socialisation heading

Let’s yarn about socialising...

What have you noticed about how your child socialises with family, at school and in the community?

Does your child:

  • play alone or prefer younger or older children?
  • have trouble joining in games?
  • find it hard to adjust to new or different people?
  • have little awareness of other people’s feelings or interests?
  • have trouble talking with others?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions this may mean your child:

  • does not understand how to make friends
  • is vulnerable to bullying
  • feels frustrated by the constant changing of environments
  • does not understand how to show other people how they are feeling
  • does not know how to respond to others

If your child socialises like this, you could try:

  • explaining emotions using pictures or drawings of faces, colours or a social story
  • using visuals – pictures or words on cards that help to explain these ideas
  • watching videos of children playing
  • joining a small group based on their interest
  • giving your child information about changing situations

If you are concerned about your child’s development see your doctor or go to a child health centre. DON’T ‘wait and see’. ACT NOW.

Download a copy of this yarn up sheet here (712 KB).