Concurrent Program

We had a huge response from schools in the Canberra and Queanbeyan regions interested in the concurrent program in September where school teams invite their parents of students on the spectrum to attend a 1-day workshop, working together on the Planning Matrix, behaviour, partnerships and a new session on mental health and wellbeing.

One school in particular took a different approach to the workshop - seeing it as an opportunity for whole school change. They invited a parent from the school who does not have a child on the autism spectrum, along with the parents of children on the spectrum. The school reflected on how they are seeing a school community where parents of children on the spectrum are so well informed and aware of inclusion and the Disability Standards Education but it is often the other school community members who haven’t had the opportunity to understand these principles.

Positive Partnerships saw this is a wonderful idea and we have been following this school pre and post workshop to track the outcomes. The ACT planning group members have all been extremely enthusiastic about the concurrent workshop approach and we look forward to rolling out more of these workshops in 2017, including Facilitator Training with Catholic Education Office, Canberra and Goulburn Diocese.