Autism, Our Kids, Our Stories. Voices of Aboriginal Parents across Australia


Positive Partnerships Announces the Release of Book: “Autism, Our Kids, Our Stories. Voices of Aboriginal Parents across Australia”

9 April 2018: For Immediate release (download pdf version)

Parents, Carers, educators and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders will gather at Sydney’s State Library on Monday 16 April 2018 to launch a new book for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and communities across Australia. This book is a collection of 10 interviews and reveals valuable insights into the journey experienced by Aboriginal families, including woman and girls, when parenting a child on the autism spectrum.

The book launch also coincides with World Autism Awareness Month and celebrates the theme of Women and Girls on the autism spectrum.

Positive Partnerships National Manager Lee Casuscelli, states: “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities face ongoing and increasing difficulties around disability in general, but of particular interest to Positive Partnerships is the lack of awareness or recognition of autism. Lack of appropriate services,

appropriate diagnostic assessments and tools, the absence of trusted relationships, and the fear of shame and blame have led to lower numbers of children formally diagnosed with autism. This book aims to connect with community and raise awareness through the authentic voice of lived experience”.

The illustrated book features 10 individual stories of Aboriginal families with a child on the autism spectrum and is available free for parents, carers, communities and schools across Australian via email request:

The event is being hosted by Positive Partnerships, an Australian Government initiative aimed at improving support for school aged children on the autism spectrum through the delivery of  Get Togethers, workshops and online resources for parents/carers, teachers and school leaders across Australia.