Alison Macrae - Team Leader, Pilot Programs

Why Positive Partnerships?

Positive Partnerships radiates infectious energy and passion!  Their dedication to supporting school-aged students on the autism spectrum is evident in everything they do.  After successfully becoming a Delivery Team Member in 2016, I realised I wanted to spend more time with this team.  When the National Project Officer role became available, I jumped at the chance to work
full-time with these inspiring people. 

What personal values and attributes do you bring to the role?

I am a dedicated, creative and open individual! My creativity allows me to think outside the box and view the situation from a new angle.  Past colleagues have told me that I am a good listener!  This skill allows me to connect deeply with colleagues, families and educators I work with.   

Tell us about your previous roles

I have worked in the disability sector for the last 8 years; supporting families to access funding, helping them to understand their child on the autism spectrum and providing emotional support during the initial diagnosis phase.  I have also been involved in home-based early intervention for pre-school children.

What inspires you to make a difference?

Hearing the unique stories of over 1000 families across Australia, I have developed a deep understanding of what families are seeking to help understand their child on the spectrum.  Reflecting on this experience, I am inspired to create easy to access information and resources that are accessible to everyone.