Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families at a Positive Partnerships workshop



‘As an Aboriginal mother of a child with autism, I experienced countless barriers… I learned that if I don’t speak up for my boy, nobody will.’

Jaki French,
Kamilaroi Woman and mother



Jaki French and many others in her community have taught us so much about the particular needs of each diverse community of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

With their support and in partnership with various organisations, including First Peoples Disability Network, we have developed resources to support our gatherings and to share information as widely as possible.

By learning through listening and with a vision of reconciliation, Positive Partnerships is moving forward with a whole school community model. This project aims to build the internal capacity of schools by embedding the knowledge and skills related to support diverse learners and working in partnerships with families and community.